The Bluecoat Project was created by Bill Bulfer as a way of enabling discussion between the engineers who build flight deck automation systems and the pilots who use them.

The goal of the Bluecoat Project is to provide clear and unrestricted exchange of accurate information among participants. The Bluecoat Project is comprised of airline pilots, scientists, engineers, trainers, and aero industry researchers, interacting through this forum.

Discussion topics include flight management computers, EFIS and EICAS displays, automated subsystems, flight mode annunciators, flight directors, autopilots, and the integration all avionics equipment in the modern cockpit.

The Bluecoat Charter

A moderated discussion-group dealing with the advanced cockpit transport. Topics include, but are not limited to, transport category Flight Management Systems, instrument displays, and Mode Control Panels.

A bit of history : The Bluecoat School of London

In the early 1800s, (before the development of the chronometer) the ship's captain had to rely on the skills of a trained mathematician, for the only way to find longitude at sea was by precise observations of the moon and stars. Sometimes these calculations took up to four hours. This made the problem of determining longitude an educational as well as a technological problem, and sea-faring nations organized mathematics courses for common sailors.

In the late 18th century, Charles II set up a mathematics course for forty pupils at the famous Bluecoat school in London. But teachers found it hard to satisfy both the sailors and the mathematicians. The governors of the school, noting that many great sailors had done well enough without mathematics, asked whether future sailors really needed it. On the side of mathematics, Sir Isaac Newton argued that the old rules of thumb were no longer good enough. Daniel Boorstin - "The Discoverers"

We hope to follow in that tradition.